Teaching North America To Save Our Water and 2 Billion Bottles A Day

How much water is wasted while you wait for your shower to warm up? On average, 2 gallons! The average five minute shower statistically uses 10-25 gallons (USEPA). With only 50% participation, ShowerPot™ will rescue the equivalent of 2 billion bottles of water, every day!

Government Officials: Learn how to get ShowerPot for every residence.


ShowerPot comes in several colors such as breast cancer awareness pink. Support your cause!


ShowerPot is the global award winner of the Thomas Edison Innovation Award for 2016.



"ShowerPot is an elegant reminder to conserve potable water — one of our most valuable resources. If this were used widely, like recycling bins, it could help start the conversation about conservation."

John Englander
John Englander World Authority on Sea Level Rise JohnEnglander.net

"I was noticing it, I was wondering what it was? I think it's fantastic! Congratulations, good luck."

Gary Nader
Gary Nader World's Largest Gallery Owner and Contemporary Art Expert Gary Nader Art Centre