The ShowerPot Foundation Mission Statement

"To Teach North America to Conserve our precious drinking water, share the wealth and the Health and Environmental impact of Bottled Water."

The Foundation

The ShowerPot Foundation is intended to collaborate with other Foundations, Cities, Municipalities, haulers, corporations and private individuals who share our passions.

We want to make a difference in the education, management and protection of our very precious and diminishing drinking water.

Sizable donations can be made 501.c exempt within the donation year.

Making a Difference

ShowerPot and are about education, awareness, making a difference and sharing the wealth. All very important factors when supporting a cause. We intend to educate, bring awareness and create change, all while improving the way we disproportionately consume and mismanage our drinking water.

ShowerPot intends to bring awareness and support to other associated causes, such as breast cancer awareness and

Limitless Colors

ShowerPot can be created in limitless colors and can be labelled in such a way as to help bring awareness and support to virtually any cause, and as it is designed, to be a constant and elegant reminder.

We would be happy to help dedicate and bring awareness to virtually any associated and worthy cause. It is our intention that a portion of all proceeds will go toward supporting these valuable and important causes.

Breast Cancer Awareness

One of our chosen causes is one that we know affects so many of us today. To help bring awareness to breast cancer and breast cancer research, ShowerPot can be made in "Breast Cancer Awareness Pink" and be a "constant and elegant reminder” of the cause.

Another cause we are passionate about is 96elephants. Every day 96 elephants are killed in Africa for their ivory. We feel that this is a horrible travesty and that ShowerPot can help raise awareness, act as a constant reminder and help raise funds to support the cause. It’s no accident that ShowerPot resembles an elephant from more than one perspective.