How does ShowerPot work?

More importantly than HOW, 80% of anything we do is WHY, therefore a far more important question is WHY it works and we’ll address that in another area. For those focused on HOW, there are countless ways how ShowerPot can help conserve, or as we prefer, “rescue" water.

In much the same way as we are learning to turn off the tap while we brush our teeth, ShowerPot will help us develop better habits in regard to the water we use every day. Most people are unwilling to get into a cold shower, especially first thing in the morning. We turn on the shower and go about our routine, waiting until we see the shower steamed up or until we're certain the water is warm. Millions of gallons are wasted in this practice alone. The simplest way to save millions of gallons of precious drinking water with ShowerPot is to simply place one under your shower head or tub spout and capture or “rescue” a gallon (3.8 liters) of water. If even 50% of us did just this we would effectively replace every one of the 50,000,000,000 bottles of bottled water we consume each year, in North America, in only 23 days!

How much does ShowerPot cost?

Much like recycling bins or any commodity, volume and features effect the ultimate pricing. However, on average pricing will be approximately half the price of either recycling bin, or ¼ the cost of the yellow and blue pair, and 1/20 the price of a recycling roller tote.

What colors does ShowerPot come in?

Initially we have chosen five colors that we feel are well chosen. However, like anything, with sufficient volume we can virtually match any color.


What is ShowerPot made of?

Production ShowerPots are made of BPA-free, durable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

Where can I get a ShowerPot?

Much like recycling bins, ShowerPots are intended to be supplied and circulated in the very same manner as your existing recycling bins, in that they will be delivered to your home, free of charge to the homeowner by your city or “hauler.”

How long does ShowerPot take to receive?

Volume has an effect, however once a production date is agreed, at present projections we will be able to supply a small to medium sized city in under a week. Up to 30,000 units.

Can I private label them?

Absolutely, we have designed a very cost effective curved label that offers approximately two square feet of labeling surface for advertising, brand or cause recognition and ample room for stats and information.

The curved label will resemble a coffee cup sleeve and can simply nest securely inside the ShowerPot or be fastened to the outside surface.

Are there any accessories or filters for ShowerPot?

Yes, there are a number of accessories and adjunct filters designed and many available. From matching saucers to rest them on to whimsical stands in various forms (even holiday reindeer), to downspout docking stations to efficiently capture rain water, and soon the very best quality adjunct filters to potentially create the finest, safest, BPA-free drinking water for mere pennies, from water that would normally be simply wasted!