Shower Pot in Your City

ShowerPot is intended to be circulated city-wide.

Its purpose is to teach all North Americans to conserve.

  • Not only to conserve our precious and ever diminishing drinking water—ShowerPot starts the conversation of conservation.
  • ShowerPot a constant and elegant reminder to conserve our water and it reminds us to conserve and recycle in general.
  • Its presence in our homes reminds us of how many ways we can do better.


ShowerPot is designed and intended to be distributed in the very same ways as recycling bins and totes. It can be distributed by cities, municipalities, haulers, conscious corporate sponsors, or by a combination of these! It has even been designed to simply hang on the side of a recycling bin!


In addition, ShowerPot has approximately two square feet of labelling surface. An inexpensive and effective label has been designed that resembles a coffee cup sleeve, proposed in a recycled paper material, that can slip inside each ShowerPot or simply attach to the outer surface.


As with all products and commodities, exact pricing is a factor of a number of things, primarily quantity. Pricing, on average, is approximately half the cost of either recycling tote, one-quarter the cost of the pair, or as little as 1/20th of a rolling recycling tote.

It's also approximately the same price that the LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) has been offering its residents to take up just 1 square foot of lawn, with far greater impact and influence. Especially on an ongoing basis!


In addition, ShowerPot is available in a series of colors and can be made to order, to match virtually any city color or corporate color.

We're also thrilled to work with various causes, and can match colors to each organization's branding (i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness Pink).

Alternately, it is our experience that the "greige" color (a very neutral slightly off-white, light gray color) blends and coordinates best with most popular bathroom fixtures and decors.

Getting Started

We’d be happy to further discuss more exact pricing and provide more information. We're looking forward to working with the most progressive and environmentally conscious corporate or municipal stewards to begin to create the changes needed to help our citizens amend their wasteful practices.

Thank you for your consideration and help,

The ShowerPot Team